history of cremona
Cremona, Lombardy, is an active center of agricultural industry and commerce of the lower Po Valley. Crossing the Po river, the city is rich in history, art and monuments dating back to medieval times.
Cremona is famous worldwide for its ancient stringed instruments and because it gave the birth to Stradivari, Amati and Guarneri, important Italian makers.

The old part of Cremona is represented by Piazza del Comune, one of the most beautiful medieval squares in Italy for the large number of monuments that surround it: the Torrazzo, the Duomo, the Baptistery, the Loggia of the Soldiers and the Town Hall.
Torrazzo, the symbol of the city, is a high bell tower from which you can admire a magnificent panorama. At the foot of the Torrazzo there’s Portico della Bertazzola, a Renaissance style porch that links the Torrazzo to the facade of the Duomo. The Cathedral is one of the greatest examples of Lombard Romanesque interior with rich paintings and notable works of Renaissance art by Romanino Boccacino.
Another important square in Cremona is Piazza Sant'Agata where there are buildings of medieval origin such as Palazzo Cittanova (Cittanova Palace), Palazzo Trecchi, Palazzo Raimondi and the churches of St. Agatha and St. Sigismund.
Among the major museums in Cremona there are the Cremona Civic Museum and the Stradivari Museum, both within the Affaitati Palace: Stradivari Museum displays images and documents related to the most representative violin makers belonging to the ancient music tradition of Cremona.

In Cremona were born the most important Italian violin makers such as Amati, Guarneri and the world-known Antonio Stradivari; in this city they opened several workshops where, in the sixteenth century, they created the violin as we know today.

In Cremona there is an important consortium of violin makers and the headquarter of the Italian violin makers’ association; besides this, in the city there are many music exhibitions related to violins. Fodri palace houses a permanent exhibition of violins made by master violin makers of Cremona province: visitors can try out violins, listen to their sounds, make contact with the violin makers of the city and, eventually, buy the instrument.
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